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The W3 platform revolutionizes the way organizations manage external SaaS and PaaS integrations by providing a secure and seamless environment, leveraging the Blockchain technology.

Secure SaaS enabler powered by AI and Blockchain

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Web 3, and Blockchain, our platform ensures data protection, enforces strict policies, and empowers organizations to integrate multiple third-party services under the guidance of their security officers.

Enhanced Privacy and Security
with Web3 compatibility

Embracing the principles of Web 3, our platform utilizes decentralization, ensuring improved privacy over employees, customers, sensitive data PII (personal identity information) and enhanced access control.

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Secure Integration with Blockchain

Utilizing blockchain, the platform adds an additional layer of security and transparency, guaranteeing the integrity of policies and data throughout the integration process through dynamic and configurable smart contracts.

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Comprehensive 360° Activity Monitoring and Control

Monitor the activity of external and internal usages integrated through the platform, including budget control and monetization, as well as the SLA of the technical performance of third-party service providers.

Customizable Policies

Organizations can impose and customize policies on data transferred to third parties, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance.

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Can be implemented within a short time at your development environment, services and products.

W3 AI Lab and Studio

Craft cutting-edge AI applications and seamlessly test them in a secure environment, rapidly transitioning from sandbox to production.


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Empower developers to bring innovative financial products to market faster by providing the tools and support their needs.


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Experience the freedom to test your creations in secure environments, gaining unprecedented control over your projects


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Elevate your development process, bring your ideas to life faster, and pioneer the future of technological financial products

Granular Role Management for Enhanced Control

The platform enforces granular management roles and permissions, allowing organizations to control access and actions based on predefined roles.

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Multi-Environment Platform

The platform comprises three environments: sandbox, testing, and production. The transition from sandbox to production is facilitated through configuration in the W3 platform.

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AI-Generated Data

In the sandbox environment, you can generate synthetic data using generative AI services

The W3 platform enables financial institutions to develop, deploy, and operate AI applications

AI-Driven Analysis and Simplified Blockchain SDK

Performed by embedded AI modules analyzing logs and statistics, identifying anomalies and errors. The SDK offers simple integration following best practices of blockchain, requiring no prior knowledge of blockchain and smart contracts

AI-Driven Data Management

​The platform supports the integration with Language Model (LLM) services, facilitating advanced linguistic analysis and understanding. As part of content policy enforcement, uploaded content undergoes pre-processing checks against predefined policies, ensuring the prevention of sensitive data exposure.

CLI Integration for Efficiency

Complete CLI (Command Line Interface) accessible via SDK and IDE (Integrated Development Environment), consolidating standard operational and development tools into a unified GUI (Graphical User Interface)."

Optimize availability, performance, and cost

The platform excels in Operational Efficiency through Streamlined Integration, reducing complexity and saving resources. For Compliance Assurance and Regulation Ensurement, it ensures Transparent Governance with auditable policy enforcement records and enforces robust Data Protection policies aligning with regulations like GDPR.

Connect AI with the bank, and don't get left behind - contact us today and let us show you how 


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